Process: Textured Triangles Pillow

By Allyson Ansusinha

I love a good tweed. I started wearing tweed blazers in middle school, though I don't remember them ever being in fashion. The neutral colors-usually contrasting browns and blacks, flecked with dots of color and woven into a slightly rough texture- had so many points of interest to me. Though The Textured Triangles Pillow is nothing like Harris Tweed, it was my intention to design a piece with as much interest. I chose yarns that contrast in color and/or texture: merino wool and baby alpaca. One yarn's fiber has crimp and likes to shrink, while the other has a silky character. The two combined in this unique knit structure push and pull, creating a surface with depth.

The Textured Triangles pillow was designed to complement and pull together the entire collection of blankets I have designed this year. It uses the same checked rose knit structure as the Checked Rose Baby Blanket, employs mosaic triangles similar to that of the Geo Panel Throw Blanket, and uses a combination of wool and baby alpaca similar to the Everyday Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket.

I designed this pillow thinking about creating a rhythm for a couch or seating area. When paired with the Albers pillow, you have a large textured piece, a pop of color, and a smaller, wider centerpiece. The Textured Triangles pillow comes in two colorwaysβ€”natural and black & white. Both are satisfyingly neutral, with a texture that adds visual interest and invites touch. There is so much depth in the knit structure of this design. Pair with any color of our Everyday Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket for a super soft and texturally luminescent spot to cozy up.

As with the Albers pillow, the Superfine Merino Wool in this pillow is naturally anti-microbial, so you can wash less and save water and time. The combination of wool and alpaca fiber yarn create an almost iridescent look, like a brush of color or halo of softness has been applied.

Photos by Nicole McConville LLC

Grace Gouin